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EmeraldMu Ex702

el Miér Feb 10, 2016 1:54 pm

¡ EmeraldMu Ex702 !

¿Que hay de nuevo?

Maximum stats are: 65,000
Maximum level (normal character): 400
Maximum level (master): 420 (BM/HE/LE/etc..)

Exp: 99999x
/Reset Activado
5/7 Puntos por lvl

Novedades del Servidor:

- Muun System
- Party & Guild Matching
- Pandora Jewel and Mining System
- Advanced VIP system (not set up yet)
- Bonus Event System Adjust Exp rates for specified maps
- Cash Shop System award with cash or coin for every event type and Play Time
- Chaos Box System
- Balanced PVP
- Custom event rewards(Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Chaos and more).
- Auto Party System Leave an open door for your friends to join party while being AFK
- Gens system
- Multi-ware System which allows to use more then one vault per account.

Quests & Eventos:

- Arca War Battle
- Acheron Guardian Event
- Chaos Castle Survival Event
- Illusion Temple Renewal
- Imperial Fort Event
- Double Goer (Doppelganger)
- Castle Siege
- Loren Deep
- CryWolf
- Devil Square (1-7)
- Blood Castle (1-8)
- Chaos Castle (1-7)
- Swamp of Peace (Medusa)
- Rabbits Invasion
- Pouch of Blessing Invasion
- Golden Monster Invasion
- White Wizard Invasion
- Battle Soccer
- Kalima (1-7) Event
- Kanturu Event
- LaColen Event
- Last Man Stating Event (Custom)
- Daily GM events
Occasional Events
- Santa Village Event
- Halloween Event
- New Year Day Event
Eventos Lotería
- Lucky Coin
- Lucky Items System
- Rena Event
- Chaos Card
- Moss The Gambler
y mas...

Boxes & Eventos con Items Especiales

- Chocolate Box (Blue, Red, Pink)
- Heart of Love
- Candy Box (Lilac, Vermilion, Deep Blue)
- Firecracker
- Ribbon Box (Blue, Green, Red)
- Golden and Silver Medals
- Start of Sacred Rebirth
- GM Box
- Cherry Blossom (Gold)
- Sealed Silver and Sealed Golden Boxes
- y mas.....

Novedades del Cliente

- Cash Shop System with gifting and Goblin points options
- Loren Market Location
- Duel System and Duel Arena located on Vulcanus Map
- Original Mini Maps
- Gens System with Gens Chat Support
- Quest System (Tutorial, Gens Quest System, Cherry Blossom Quest and more)
- Pentagram system (including new Pentagrams)
- Elemental Damage System
- Full completed skill tree for all races (including extended skill tree for Fist Master)
- Fruits System
- Expansion of Inventory and Warehouse
- New Trade Feature move items to and from the trade with right click of the mouse
- Mu Helper BOT System
- Marry System advanced Marry System to get a wonderful wedding with your love
- Fenrir - Red, Blue, Black, Golden combination & Pets
- Ring of Warrior for level 40 and 80

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